Fowler Learning Commons!

Students hard at work!

A new and exciting happening at Franklin this year has been the successful opening of the Fowler Learning Commons. This space was created through a generous gift from alumna and trustee, Angela Fowler, and has expanded our student study space on campus tremendously. Located on Franklin's North Campus, this space has provided an even better locale for students to come study, hang out, and get tutoring help with our fantastic Writing and Learning Center students.
The loveliest study space.

Our Director of the Writing and Learning Center, Professor Ann Gardiner, spoke of the space, saying: "The ways in which students learn today have changed dramatically over the last two decades, with a new emphasis on collaborative and technology-enhanced learning. A typical learning commons space includes not only quiet space for individual study, but also casual reading spaces, group study areas, brainstorming environments, presentation preparation areas, and computers for individual or group projects."
The WLC Quiet Room

When I tell people I go to school in Switzerland, one of the most common reactions is centered around whether I "actually study" because I attend a university in Europe. I can honestly say Franklin students are quite academically driven, and follow the work hard/play hard mentality. I am constantly impressed by the caliber of our courses, integrity of our professors, and by the work I see my peers producing. Franklin students are not just adventurers and out-of-the-box thinkers, we are students first and foremost. Having a beautiful new place to accomplish our academic goals has just been an added perk for our studies!
Stunning view from FLC!

Personally, I've come to the Fowler Learning Commons a lot more this semester now that it's been remodeled, and have found to be a fantastic spot to get work done, especially with group projects! Plus, the view from the space doesn't hurt, as seen above.

This space is packed full with students at this time of year, when everyone is polishing their papers, presentations, and studying for exams! In fact, I am blogging from this awesome campus resource as we speak. Be sure to tune in for my next post, which showcases the fun spring events which have happened on campus recently.

Until then, be well and study hard! -Morgan


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