What I missed most about FUS!

From left: Alex, Senior, Canada, International Business Management
Sophie, Senior, Oregon, International Banking and Finance and Political Economy
Samantha, Senior, Texas, International Management with Marketing

Last semester I studied abroad in beautiful Australia - and it was such a wonderful experience. However, I couldn't help but miss Franklin while I was away. Many of the things I yearned for are pretty unique to our school, so I thought I'd share some of them after being back for a few weeks and appreciating this university all over again.

From left: Erika, Freshman, California, Undeclared
Pierre, Senior, Mexico, International Relations

The People
I can't adequately put into words how special the community is here, and the people who come from all walks of life and every part of the world. I missed the sense of kinship here and the fact that there are so many incredible opportunities to create lifelong memories with these friends who, I believe, will be close to my heart for the rest of my life. I also love knowing wherever I go in the world, I'll always have a place to stay. Studying at a school with such a diverse student body is amazing because the students here represent every continent and most major cities. I love knowing that wherever my future travels take me, they will be spent, at least partially, with Franklin students I'll get to see across the globe.

Professor Sanja Dudukovic

The Education 
While I enjoyed the university where I studied abroad, I didn't have the access to professors that I do here at FUS and the relationships that I cherish so much. Here, it isn't uncommon to see students and professors having coffee or eating lunch together. I've even gone skiing with several of my professors. I love that the professors know my name here, but more then that, they are invested in my university journey and are available to help me prepare for my professional career. They all have such dynamic and diverse backgrounds and often I feel I learn as much from them outside of the classroom as I do in the classroom. There are so many reasons I chose to come to Franklin, but it's the connections I've made with both students and professors in this rich learning environment that makes me realize how lucky I am to be here.

From left: Yasmeen, Senior, Pakistan, International Economics
Derek, Junior, Washington, Double major in International Management with Finance and International Economics

Global Events
I love how relevant global news and political events are here. In the US, it can be easy to miss global events if they are not immediately relevant to the day-to-day life. However, at Franklin, global events are regularly discussed in the classroom, not only because of our location, but because they impact our lives. Not only that, but many students often want to discuss the news, especially if it's happening in their home countries. It's a privilege to be able to learn to firsthand perspectives - whether it's comparing currency exchange rates or listening to my Russian friends talk about the current situation in Russia and Ukraine. No one, regardless of where they study, should ignore global events, but at Franklin it is virtually impossible. Between professor opinions, student perspectives and classroom dialogue, I think we all are well-informed on what's going on in the world.

Skylar, Junior, Colorado,  Environmental Studies with minors in Marketing and Economics

The Location
Lugano is known for being quite beautiful - with its serene lake, stunning mountains, and tranquil vibe. But it has become an important community for me. Between the yoga studio downtown and the local families I tutor, I truly feel like Lugano has become a home base. I've met so many wonderful locals just going downtown to local cafes and hangout areas. I have really enjoyed learning about the Ticinese culture, especially through the eyes of the children I tutor! Several places downtown have become safe havens from campus when I need a break from studying, or just from campus! It is so comforting to have regular places I can go to feel just as content there as I do on campus.

From back: Hella, Sophomore, Switzerland, Double major in Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies and Art History; Megan, Junior, Utah, Double major in History and Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies

Franklin Events
Lastly, I missed not only the local community, but the campus community at Franklin. Clubs such as The Idea Factory, for example, which promotes entrepreneurship and provides a space for FUS students to discuss their own ideas, as well as provide a platform so students can collaborate on endeavors. Other clubs such as Franklin Business Society, as well as student run events (Apple McGoober! Jazz Night! Oh my!) have been great to be part of again. Franklin has so many different activities to offer, and they keep me busy and motivated, as well as in touch with so many different students from all grade levels.

Clearly... I missed Franklin. It truly is such a special school, and I believe many of the things I missed are things only a Franklin student could miss about this school, we are truly one of a kind.

That's all for now! Have a happy week everyone and I'll be back next week with an interview with my beloved parents!



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