Spring Semester Adventures!

Oh hello there! So as Jessica so kindly introduced me, I'm Morgan, a junior from Boston, MA who will be guest blogging this semester as Jessica continues her adventures stateside. I'm very much looking forward to sharing these next couple of months with you, and am more than willing to answer any questions you have along the way!

I'm taking several interesting classes this semester, including Quantitative Methods and Dynamic Forecasting, Integrated Marketing Communications, Global Information Systems, and Country Risk Assessment with my academic advisor, and beloved professor, Georges Rocourt. These classes will be sure to keep me busy spending time in the library. Academic Travel this semester promises to be incredible, as I'll be traveling to Morocco to study music. It'll be a very special and bittersweet travel as it will be the last one with many of my favorite friends who will be graduating this May.  I can't imagine a more unique experience than to spend two weeks in Northern Africa with so many of the people I care about, friends from around the world.

I'll be speaking more about my experience here at Franklin over the past three years and how much this time has shaped me. I feel like an entirely different person compared to who I was at freshman orientation back in August 2012. These years in university are so formative no matter where you go, but I can't help but believe they have been much more so having spent mine outside of my home country.  I've experienced many of the highest highs and lowest lows of my entire life in these last few years, but the minute I step onto the Franklin campus I feel this sense of peace and contentedness that makes me feel so incredibly lucky to be able to invest my time, energy, and love into this school and the campus community.

We kicked off this semester on the best possible note with a ski trip to one of the local mountains in the Swiss Alps, only an hour's drive from campus and from Lugano. Andermatt is an adorable little ski town that has the BEST apfelstrudel (a Swiss specialty) and rösti another beautiful Swiss dish. One of the many perks of being at Franklin is the proximity to such cool places, the mountains being a major one, especially for people who love to hike and ski, like me. But it's more than the proximity to the mountains - it's also the fact that FUS students can hop on a plane and be in Barcelona in an hour and a half, or Paris in two hours. In fact, I'll be headed to Barcelona this upcoming weekend to spend some time with my mom and dad, not the traditional 'parents weekend', but we don't go to a traditional school! We go to the best kind of university, an extraordinary one.

Enjoy these pictures of our ski trip to Andermatt!

From left: Sami Schonefeld, Senior, Tiburon, CA, 
Michaela Craig, Freshman, Carbondale, CO, 
Read Cullen, Freshman, Baltimore, MD

From left: Martin Kandus, Senior, Slovenia, 
Troy Billett, Junior, Dallas, TX

I'll be back soon to talk about other adventures and what's been going on around campus. Until then, have a lovely week! 



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