A New Semester!

Hello everyone! Welcome back!

I had a lovely winter break and hope that you all did as well. Us students arrived back on campus last week, and now that I am finally unpacked and settled in a little, I finally had the time to write this post. I have some super exciting things coming up this semester on the blog! I can't wait to share them with you! 

a) I am going to do a little FAQ on financial aid at Franklin 

b) I am collaborating with several other Franklin students on a videography project entitled "Faces of Franklin" that showcases a diverse array of Franklin students and Franklin experiences

c) I am stoked for my next academic travel to... (drum roll please) .... BOTSWANA! You heard that right, I will be spending two weeks in sub-saharan Africa come this March. We will mainly be in Botswana, but also Zimbabwe and South Africa, studying environmental conservation while camping in the wilderness. I am so grateful for this opportunity and I will definitely write another post soon about all I am doing academically to prepare for this trip. 

d) I will also be featuring a variety of Franklin clubs + programs students are involved in

e) Look out for some alumni spotlights 

f) Not to mention some exciting campus news to come this spring... and I will just leave you with that mysterious tidbit for now  ;)

g) Plus, a post about how attending Franklin has changed me! 

It is going to be a busy semester, but I feel really great about it! Once again I am going to try and be posting weekly. As always, thanks for reading along and I hope you are looking forward to a new semester of tales here on the blog too! 

PS I snapped this picture of the Swiss Alps as I was flying out in December, aren't they GORGEOUS?
PPS If for some odd reason you want to read more about my winter break, click here


  1. Franklin is my dream school, I hope to come here in two years (I am a sophomore in high school now). Keep posting, I love this blog!


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