Zagreb, Croatia

Hello again! Today I am really in Bosnia, yesterday I was in Serbia and tomorrow I am heading back to Croatia. Is my Academic Travel trip crazy busy? Yes. Do I love it? Absolutely! I feel so blessed to have the chance to not only explore such a unique region of the world, but do so in a very unique way! Thus far we have met with economics professors, war veterans and former politicians. Like I said, it has been busy! So today I am going to talk about our first stop in Croatia...{drum roll} ZAGREB! 

Fun Facts: 
- While on our walking tour we passed by "The Museum of Broken Relationships"  We didn't get the chance to go in, but the tour guide explained to us that it accepts donations from around the world of leftover artifacts + letters from ex-relationships then tells their story. It is a  "unique" (noticing a theme here?) idea for a museum, to say the least. In fact it won "most innovative museum" in 2011. 
- Zagreb developed as two separate towns (Kaptol and Gradec) we later united into one. But throughout history these two towns were frequently warring with each other. 
- At noon everyday they fire a cannon from this tower in Old Town. We were standing right underneath it and even though our guide warned us to cover our ears I was surprised by how loud it was!
- Zagreb used to be a stop on the Orient Express (from Paris to St.Petersburg) 
ALSO, apparently there was a sale on yellow paint (?) SIX different buildings 

Conclusion: As the capital of Croatia, Zagreb definitely is a seat of culture and learning. Between the medieval architecture, cobbled streets, and cafe culture, to me it is very reminiscent of Prague and Vienna. Croatia is the second country we visited (although we will be back later this week) and I love what I have seen so far! 

Next update: Belgrade, Serbia 
Look for it soon! xoxo 

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