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So you want to know about housing? You have come to the right place. Across the globe these last few weeks Class of 2017 students have been receiving their housing packets and if you all are anything like me than you are frantically searching for any kind of info on your new possible home! Quick note: If yours has yet to come, never fear. It is on its way. For those who are starting to fill out their packet though, I'm sure you have a lot of questions. So, let me give you the rundown on housing.

Tip #1: think about what is important to you. Do you want to live alone? Do you want to live with one person, what about two people? Do you want to have a kitchen? How about proximity to campus? These are all important questions to keep in mind.

Let's start with the basics. The three most common placements for freshmen housing are LdV, Panera, and Giardino.

Dorm #1: LdV 
LdV stands for Leonardo da Vinci, but no one actually calls it by its full name. This is the housing location where many first year students reside because it is an all-first-year dorm. But that in no way makes it lame, people who live here tend to love it! There is a great sense of community and you get to know your freshmen classmates very well which is always a plus! LdV dorms come in three different sizes: single, split double, and double. The singles include one bathroom + one bedroom. The split doubles include two small bedrooms + one shared bathroom. The doubles share one bedroom + one bathroom. In each of these rooms you also get a mini fridge and desk. Plus the second floor has a shared balcony and the third floor (on one side) has single balconies. the LdV dorm also has a communal kitchen and is linked to the North Campus Dining Hall which is really nice when you just want to roll out of bed and get breakfast without bundling up in the winter.

(from top R to bottom L) DOUBLE, SPLIT DOUBLE, DOUBLE w/ BALCONY, and DOUBLE 
Dorm #2: Panera 
Panera dorms are all triples with one big bedroom (one twin bed + one bunk bed) as well as a living room with three desks and a small kitchen. Most of the dorms also have balconies or patios and the Panera lawn is a popular hangout spot for students. Panera is right next to The Grotto (the dining hall on main campus) which is nice because it takes less than 5 minutes to get from your dorm to your class.

Dorm #3: Giardino
The freshmen dorms in Giardino are all triples on a large communal balcony. These rooms feature a more open floor plan with a kitchen + bathroom + bedroom area (1 twin + 1 bunk bed). Pros: Giardino is also a very social dorm and the balcony has a beautiful view of Laghetto (the little lake behind the dorm). Not to mention that this dorm is located above a pizzeria. Logistics wise, it is a 5 minute walk to Main Campus, and probably 10-12 minutes from North Campus.
So those are your three "most likely" options... But it is also not unheard of to be placed in a different dorm your freshmen year. So even though I don't have as many pictures, I am happy to give a brief overview of all other dorms as well.

Dorm #4: Ciliegi
 Ciliegi is located right between the two campuses which is ultra convenient. This smaller dorm houses 16 residents.  Each dorm has 1 kitchenette + 1 bathroom + 1 bedroom + 1 living room. Plus, Ciliegi is also the Alpine Adventure dorm, so residents go on hiking, camping, backpacking trips, etc. Not everyone in the dorm goes on these trips and even if you don't live in this dorm you are welcome to attend. 
Dorm #5: Airone 
Airone is located right across the street from Ciliegi and is also attached to the Office of Student Life and the Falcon's Nest, another student hangout (the part of the building w/ orange awnings). Rooms available in Airone are most likely split doubles ( 2 bedrooms + shared bathroom) or doubles (1 big room with 2 twin beds + 1 bathroom). Fun fact: Airone used to be a hotel.

Dorm # 6: Girasole
I actually don't have a single picture of Girasole...oops! But if anyone really really wants one, email me and I will be sure to connect you with the right person. Girasole houses 52 students and is located 15 minutes downhill from campus towards Lake Lugano. One side of Girasole is an "all-girls" dorm. It mainly has doubles and singles but their is also one triple occupancy room. The rooms are beautiful with wooden floors and large windows. But the tradeoff is being further away from campus. These apartments also all have a kitchen + bathroom + bedroom. 

Dorm #7: Alba

Alba is located a 15 minute walk downhill from Main Campus and only 3 minutes away from the train station which is super nice because the train station is where every Franklin travel adventure begins. Alba is also much closer to downtown Lugano which is a fun experience as well. Alba offers single and double occupancy rooms. 

Dorm #8: New Building A + New Building B 
The A side of New Building primarily houses apartments with 1 kitchen + 4 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms.  Whereas the B side of New Building is a 24 hour quiet zone and the substance-free dorm. On B side all rooms have a kitchen and living room but the number of bedrooms varies from 2 to 6. These are the newest Franklin dorms (hence the name) and typically upperclassmen are the only ones who live in them. I am lucky enough to live on the B side of New Building and love it! 
Last Housing Tip: Don't stress!! Really. Do put effort into filling out your housing application, but once it is done, don't worry about it. No matter where you end up you will have a great experience!

As always if you have any questions, feel free to comment or email me!


  1. Hey is Florida no longer a dorm at Franklin?

    1. Hey Anonymous,
      You are correct. Florida as of the 2013/2014 school year is no longer a Franklin dorm. But as you can see above we have plenty of other great options!

  2. Are the beds (in LdV, Panera and Giardino) Twin XL or regular Twin?


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